This teeny tinyMermaid Petite is around 25cm long, 64 grams of vinyl vibes, and is made from reclaimed materials. This particular beastie is a baby green base with a dark teal vinyl embellishment. This is one of the first batch of paddles I made, and as such, there are some pink paint markings on the vinyl, and the handle is a little rougher than my present production standards, but this in no way affects the use of the toy. These differences are reflected in the price.


The Petite is the little sister of trouble here at Pastel Poisons. They are small, lightweight and perfectly discreet for taking to clubs, events, or hiding in a drawer. Brilliant for newbies who want a starting point that won't break the bank, their control is second-to-none and they make a fantastic learning tool, as well as a reliable toy for regular play. Each Petite is hand made to ensure I am able to use as much of my materials as possible, so size does vary between items. Please make sure you check the dimensions!


This item is a hand-illlustrated custom design. Subsequent productions of this item may differ slightly in appearance from the picture above as a result of the creation process. As a hand made item, there are minor imperfections, scuffs and bumps, as pictured.


Please make sure you check out the Toy Care instructions page so you can give your new toy the best treatment possible!

Mermaid Petite


Weight: 64g

Length: 25cm

Colour: Baby green, teal vinyl.

Finish: Satin

Glitter: None

Curved: No

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