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These rainbow paracord wrist straps are a fantastic option for those who want a little bit of support when playing or simply feel like adding to their accessories, and can be attached to any Pastel Poisons paddle by your choice of attachment.


I generally slide off the toggle, slip the tether out of the loop, thread the tether through the hole in my paddle and rethread and reattach the toggle, but you may find a way that works better for you.


They have a maximum fitting of 40cm cirumference without a paddle attached, and a minimum fitting of 20cm.


These are not sold as medical devices and should be treated similarly to camera or hand-held electronic device straps for certain wireless controllers that tend to fly into TV screens -  they are not designed to support the weight of a paddle at full swing (ie. swinging the paddle FROM the strap and ONLY the strap).


Always use common sense with these. Consider your comfort, the strength of the strap, and the weight of the paddle. ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR TOYS AND ACCESSORIES BEFORE USE FOR ANY SIGNS OF WEAR OR DAMAGE. I do not manufacture these myself, but simply provide them as an accessory for the sake of making kink more accessable to those that need it.

Rainbow Wristband

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