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For those with a sweet tooth <3


This almost edible flogger has a hand-turned handle made out of lightweight and sustainably grown plantation Tasmanian Oak, and has been worked down to a baby's-bum-smooth finish, and then sealed with natural oil for an utterly radiant shine. With a gently waving handle design, and grip points at each end, this flogger is comfortable to hold almost anywhere, for those that like versatility in their play.


The falls are a luxuriously soft pastel cotton, knotted and then frayed at the end to deliver a range of sensations during play, from the delicious tickle of a light brush, to pleasant thuddy sensations when swung, though individual results may vary.

It has a wonderfully pleasant weight between the handle and the falls


This flogger would suit those:

  • Who live and breathe rainbows
  • Those who want something very showy for public scenes or performances
  • Want a good  starting point into impact play


This flogger is a one-of-a-kind item and is perfect for those who want a toy that's just as unique as they are.


This item is a hand-crafted design. As a hand made item, there are minor imperfections, scuffs and bumps, as pictured.


Please make sure you check out the Toy Care instructions page so you can give your new toy the best treatment possible!

Sugar Rush Flogger


Full Length: 80cm

Fall Length: 52cm

Weight: 261g

Colour: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Oak

Wood Finish: Food-surface-friendly Oil

Glitter: No

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