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Sex should be fun!

Gone are the days of your parents black and red leather toys, and in comes a new generation of outspoken, vibrantly coloured, glitter-coated and accessible toys that help you express that trash fire deep inside. Every item is either hand made, or carefully sourced, with an emphasis on sustainability, upcycling of materials and ease of use for abled and disabled kinksters alike.

Hi. I'm RoseDawn. I'm a real person. I'm disabled. I'm kinky as fuck.

I was sick and tired of everything being red and black, built for people without mobility issues in mind, and looking like it was going to tell my parents what I do on weekends.


I started making paddles, props, floggers and collars many years ago as a way to make kink more financially and physically accessible, but my situation changed (as it often does) and I was forced to drop that delightful deviance from my life.


Well now I'm back with a sequel, a terrible director, and CG that makes the original Mummy movie look like a documentary.

My goal with Pastel Poisons is:

  • To support my community here in Sydney, and beyond, by providing toys that reflect your aesthetic without breaking the budget.

  • To allow you to maintain your ethical and moral standards by supporting environmentally - friendly kink toys that are either entirely made out of repurposed materials, partially recycled, or new items that come free of plastic packaging.

  • To support myself as a queer disabled artist in the Sydney community.

  • To provide toys with designs in mind so that they can be used by people with varying capacity, because us cripples fuck, too. And to always be open to improving my designs to meet the needs of my fellow humans.

  • To work exclusively with models and community members who self-identify as disabled or marginalised, for the purposes of advertising my items.

  • Voices need to be heard, disability and sexuality can go hand in hand, and if I can change only one corner of the world, you bet your pretty, perky arse I am going to do it.

If you're brave enough to follow Pastel Poisons on Facebook, follow this link here

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