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Caring for your toys

Pastel Poisons Products are all hand-made from reclaimed materials, so no two are truly alike. It’s not uncommon to see small variations between designs and items and is part of the charm that makes them so unique.


All items leave the workshop finished and ready to use. Painted items have a coat of acrylic sealant applied, and wood items are lacquered, waxed or otherwise sealed, depending on the products. Some items use leather, resin or found materials, and these will each have their own unique care requirements, but some broad instructions that will benefit all your toys from Pastel Poisons are pretty simple.


1. Treat us with care. Impact toys are designed to put up with a pounding, and I crash-test my products for strength, however they are still natural materials and can break, chip or splinter if hit against a hard surface. This includes buckles, buttons, metal restraints, etc.

2. Inspect your toy before each use, and during play. Check for splinters, splits, cracks or any other signs of wear or fatigue. It is up to the user to ensure that they are safe to use before each session. If your toy shows signs of wear, do NOT use it.

3. Keep your toys out of direct sunlight, and away from damp. UV damage can cause paint to fade and materials to become brittle over time

4. Clean your toys after use. A wipe down with a damp cloth or wet wipe is usually enough to keep it in good condition, provided it is not exposed to any body fluids.

5. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your toy. As most have a coating of acrylic sealers, anything with solvents or aerosols may strip the coating. Always do a test patch before using a product on the length of your toy.

6. Do not store your toys under weight, always store them either hanging, on top of something soft, or upright for best results. Storing them under weight will almost definitely cause damage and bending in the materials.

7. If you have a toy with a graphic or design on one face, especially if diamantes have been applied, it is highly recommended that you only impact with the blank side of the toy in order to prolong the life of the design.

8. Toys generally do not require ongoing maintenance, with the following exceptions:

  • Oiled wooden toys may require a yearly oil to maintain the wood at it's best. A simple wipe over with a clean household oil like rice bran will suffice.

  • Tails of floggers, especially vinyl or synthetic tails, should always be stored straight, preferably hanging. They can deform over time, especially if stored while folded or scrunched. If your tails are vinyl and have deformed, using a hairdryer on LOW setting will help you return them to their shape.

  • If you play heavily with toys that have a graphic or design on them, it is recommended that you reseal them with a light coat of acrylic sealant as you see fit. I use satin or gloss for most of my toys. Please bear in mind that applying sealant over diamantes may dull their facets.

9. These toys are NOT insert-safe, no matter how inviting they may look. Handles, tails, the body of the toy and all other aspects are not to be inserted into the body under any circumstance. Wood, by nature, is a porous material. Not all silicones and resins are body-safe. Please do not put them in you.

As always, should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me at

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