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"Hey man, I spent all night making this beautiful web for you. Oh. Yeah, it's okay, I didn't like it either."


This spooky Itsy Bitsy pounder is around 36cm long,  and a featherweight 147 grams of glittering dew drop goodness, made out of reclaimed timber. This particular beastie is a deep maroon, with an intricate hand-illustrated web design covering the paddle body. Tiny glittering diamantes have been placed across the web to give it that etheral sparkle and shimmer, and a sneaky little spider made out of black diamantes (with orange eyes) lurks in wait at the centre.


As the maroon colour is hard to accurately photograh, please make sure you look at all three photos to get a good idea of the base colour. Some monitors also distort colour slightly, so it may appear slightly different in person to the way it does online.


This paddle is the same style as my usual diddle sticks, but is a little smaller in width, a LOT shorter in length, and a good deal lighter, perfect for those who want a toy to travel with, are just getting started, of if weight is a concern. If you've enjoyed the diddle stick design in the past, you know exactly what you're dealing with here. If you're new to the Pastel Poisons scene, this paddle has a comfy smaller grip, can be held in multiple positions with ease, and is very well suited if you prefer to pad your handles with grip tape, foam, etc.


This item is a hand-illlustrated custom design. Subsequent productions of this item may differ slightly in appearance from the picture above as a result of the creation process. As a hand made item, there are minor imperfections, scuffs and bumps, as pictured.


Please make sure you check out the Toy Care instructions page so you can give your new toy the best treatment possible!

Itsy Bitsy Diddle Stick


Weight: 147g

Length: 36cm

Colour: Maroon, White and Black

Finish: Satin + diamantes

Glitter: None

Curved: No

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