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Where do you hide your pearls?


The Mermaid Diddle Stick is around 49cm long, 176 grams of starfish bras and scaly butts, and is made from reclaimed materials. This particular beastie is a beautiful pale blue with "MERMAID" down the body of the paddle in purple, blue, yellow and pink, repeating and outlined in white. On either side of the text, a spray of white outline bubbles decorates the space, and a pink sea shell (also outlined in white) finishes the graphic. There are some minor cosmetic stuffs on the body of the paddle, as this is one of my initial designs, and is reflected in the price. It does not affect the use of the item in any way.


The Diddle Stick is the scene queen here at Pastel Poisons. My first and favourite toy off the press, these bad boys are ready for some fun.


The shorter Diddle Sticks are better for those with less grip strength or wrist issues, folks who are newer to impact play, or those who prefer more control over their implements of ass destruction. The longer ones pack more of a punch and are suited to those who like to play harder, those who like to scare their playpartners, or those who have a bit more experience with larger toys and like the versatility. Ultimately, there is something to suit every taste, and custom Diddle sticks are certainly an option.


This item is a hand-illlustrated custom design. Subsequent productions of this item may differ slightly in appearance from the picture above as a result of the creation process. As a hand made item, there are minor imperfections, scuffs and bumps, as pictured.


Please make sure you check out the Toy Care instructions page so you can give your new toy the best treatment possible!

Mermaid Diddle Stick


Weight: 176g

Length: 49cm

Colour: Blue, pink, purple, yellow

Finish: Satin + metallic silver

Glitter: Yes

Curved: Yes

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