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Is baby soft? Is baby squishy? Does baby just want to play?


The Unicorn Baby  flogger is one of my exclusive 'fluffy bunny' floggers, designed with absolute comfort in mind.


This flogger has a hand-turned wave-shape handle made out of lightweight pine sealed with beeswax to retain the beautiful natural grain of the wood. A beautiful big bow caps the handle, featuring vivid pink ribbon, tulle and (of course) a glitterfied unicorn, complete with pompoms. The tails are baby-soft and are made of pink scale-patterned minky fur with gold metallic flecks. Made out of the fluffiest baby-blanket-grade minkie, "soft" doesn't go far enough to describe the tails of this toy. The tails are nothing short of decadent, made to provide sensation aplenty for the recipient, and a lovely balanced experience for the user. The large-grip handle is designed for comfort of use, regardless of how you hold the handle - both for those with ongoing grip issues, and those just preferring something pleasant to use for long sessions.


This flogger would suit those:

  • Who love impact play and the weight of falls, but not the pain
  • Are interested in sensation play, as the tails can be dragged across the skin
  • Are an age player and want something THEIRS
  • Want a good  starting point into impact play


It's also fantastic for those who play with masochists and pain sluts, as it simply doesn't matter how hard or long you hit, they just won't get that satisfaction! Additionally, this particular flogger is wonderful for those who are into restraint and torture, as the tickling ability of these tails as they're dragged over the skin are second to none! This is also an ideal toy for those exploring sisification, bimbofication or humiliation.


This item is a hand-crafted design. As a hand made item, there are minor imperfections, scuffs and bumps, as pictured.


Please make sure you check out the Toy Care instructions page so you can give your new toy the best treatment possible!



Unicorn Baby Fluffy Bunny


Full Length: 80cm

Tail Length: 53cm

Weight: 216g

Colour: Pine and pink

Wood Finish: Beeswax

Glitter: Yes, on the bow

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